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Customize Your Table Paper! | Table Paper Etc.

Everyone has seen the fries or shrimp basket with lining paper underneath. It's a fun way to add flavor to a table's setting. Usually the paper is a plain brown or white, or of course, the picnic style checkered pattern.  We ask: why settle for plain? 

Here at Table Paper, we want to step it up a notch and offer in-house customization opportunities to all of our clients. Whether it's basket lining paper or actual table paper, we can customize it! If it's with a logo, a badge, or even simple words, we can do it. 



How do you do it? We are working on an editor that helps you see what your product would look like customized. Until then, if you're interested in getting an order customized, write a note to us in the special instructions section in the checkout page.



Once you do this, we will email you after your order is complete to solidify your requests. Customization does cost extra, so it will be a separate charge once the details are finalized. If you have any questions and wish to speak to someone directly, please feel free to drop us a line at: 800-251-9881, or fill out our contact form here.