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Table Paper FAQ | Table Paper Etc.

Here is where you can find some frequently asked questions we've been able to answer. Of course, if you have a question that can't be answered with this page, please feel free to contact us here.

1. How do I know if a thermal/1 ply/ multi-ply roll is right for my printer?
If you check your printer type, it should inform you the kind of paper rolls it requires.

2. What does each size mean on the product pages?
Click here to see a quick visual guide on how to measure: Check it out!

3. When are my products shipped?
If you're able to order with us 3 PM every day, your order is shipped same day.

4. Where are my products shipped from?
All of our products are shipped from a warehouse in Nashville, TN.

5. What is the difference between expo paper and other paper rolls?
When you hear "expo paper" or expedited paper, it is only just nicknaming a common place 2 ply paper. So, essentially, no different! Just a different name.

6. What if I want to order over 50 cases of a product but still want the discount?
Easy! Just click here and we will let you know how we can get you the price for what you need.

7. What kind of shipping service do you use?
We exclusively use UPS because of their quick and efficient shipping practices.

8. Are there other ways to use your table paper?
Absolutely! We have a few blog posts dedicated and you can find them here.